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Pixel Gun 3D is a simple Minecraft first-person shooting game. It is one of the top-rated and best and smartphone games available on the Play Store. You can aim ​​and shoot to defeat your opponent, fight against friends or anyone in the world. If you are looking for how to hack pixel gun 3D or want a pixel gun 3D hack apk, then you came to the right place. Our hack version provides more than the original game can offer, you will have the unlimited ammo in all the battles, no need to reload, and no time consuming and frustrating ads. You can download the Pixel Gun 3D hack apk from our website for free for your mobile phones.


Pixel gun 3D apk is an exciting first-person multiplayer shooting game. You can enjoy the pixelated graphics, challenging gameplay, and many other features of the game. More than 50,000,000+ times, users have downloaded the game so far. And you can get pixel gun 3D mod apk from our website for both Android and iOS devices. Our hacked games are 100% safe and secure for all mobile phones.

Introduction to Pixel Gun 3D apk

Pixel Gun 3D is an online and offline FPS shooter of Battle Royale. Where you can enter the impressive maps with your team along with many other players, there you have to defend yourself and kill your opponents. The last person standing wins the game. The game is almost like PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale. The graphics of the game is inspired by the famous Minecraft. If you are a Minecraft fan, trust me, you will love this game.

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The graphics of the game are quite amazing, and you can experience the realistic lighting effects of weapon clashes and gunshots. The graphics and gameplay are so smooth that you can play it on any device. And the sound effects are clear, and on point, you can hear the real gunshot, explosions, metal clashes, and other sound effects.

Here are some of the most amazing features that you can find in the game.

  • Enter the Battle Royale: Join millions of active players from around the world in this exclusive Battle Royale pixel game. You can explore 4 different maps, and the maximum 100 players can enter the survival game. Fight for your survival to be the last one to stay alive.
  • Explore enormous maps: The game will take you to the adventure on different locations on the map. There are so many locations in the huge maps you can explore. Each region will have its maps, such as nuclear cities, sniper forts, space sands, and more. You need to develop different strategies for each location to secure your victory.
  • Build forts and create a clan: Pixel gun 3D is not just a shooting game; you can also build forts to protect yourself and your team. And you can also create a clan and fight others to valuable items from their forts. You will also get the clan chest access to upgrade your fort.
  • Enjoy 11 different game modes: There are lots of things to discover in the Pixel gun 3D mod apk, which means you will have access to 11 different game modes. These game modes include survival, co-op survival, arena Campaign, Death Match, and many others.
  • Large collection of weapons: Arm yourself with the best and powerful weapons to fight swamp of monsters that are approaching you or beat opponents in a dual game. And in Pixel Gun 3D, gamers can add dozens of different weapon to their arsenal. Each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. So choose your weapon wisely to get benefits.
  • Forage your own items: Instead of collecting items using searches, trials, or food hunts, you can also use the crafting function to create your own desired items. It allows the players to forage the items to use, with different materials.
  • Dress up your character: You can customize the dress of your character for every battle. It helps you get past the guards and gives you the advantage to attack them with the element of surprise.
  • Helpful gadgets to defeat the enemies: Along with the powerful weapons, you can also get a helpful and awesome gadget to win the match. Each gadget will give a unique benefit in the battle, for example, if you use jetpack in a battle it will give you a protective shield and helps you with a better vision of your enemies.
  • Raise pets to use them in the battle: You can also raise pets to help you in the battle. Each pet has a unique power and ability that supports you in the battle against the enemies. You can have only one pet so choose wisely.
  • Experience the Zombie Apocalypse: There is an endless zombie apocalypse in which you can fight zombies as much you want. It is a survival mode battle that gives you plenty of game time.
  • Unlimited hacks with the modified version: Yes, you can get many amazing unlimited features pixel gun 3D mod apk. It means that you will have access to many powerful weapons, useful items, gadgets, and much other stuff. And all the exclusive features are free in pixel gun 3D hack apk.

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How to get Pixel gun 3D hack?

The answer is very simple you can download the pixel gun 3D hack from our website. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones for free. We have cleared every bug, error, and glitches from our pixel gun 3d unblock to make it safe and secure for our users. Just follow the respective download link to download the pixel gun 3D mod apk into your mobile. You will also get an OBB file with the application, it helps to crack the original game and make it more interesting.


Follow the following steps to download and install the pixel gun 3D mod.

  1. First, if you have the original application on your mobile, remove it.
  2. Now click on the download link on our website to download the pixel gun 3D hack apk and OBB file.
  3. After the download is complete, go to the security settings in your mobile and allow permission to install applications from an unknown source.
  4. Then go to the download folder in the file manager and tap to install the mod apk.
  5. When the installation is complete, extract the OBB zip file in your mobile and replaces it in the pixel.gun3dfolder.
  6. Now your installation is complete, enjoy the game.

how to hack pixel Gun 3d

Get unlimited Pixel Gun Coins and gems

In the original game, these features are not available, you have to buy them from the in-app purchase. But in our pixel gun 3D mod apk you can get unlimited pixel gun coins and gems for free. It makes your game more exciting and gives you benefits over your enemies. With the unlimited features, you can quickly win the battle and defeat your enemy. You don’t need any jailbreak or root for the device.


You can buy anything with unlimited coins and gems in the game. You can upgrade your weapons, gadgets, buy a new item, improve your fort, upgrade your clan, and you can do many other things. It is the best feature added in the mod apk that gives the user the best gameplay.

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100% working Pixel gun hack apk (updated June 2020)

We have an expert team of developers who work very hard to make the mod applications safe and secure. They constantly work to improve the game and remove any error or bug that may arise. Our team’s dedication makes every hack apk possible. Our pixel gun hack apk is in 100% working condition you can download and check it on your mobile phone.

The update includes:

  • Removed bugs and errors to make the game more safe and secure.
  • Added new map locations.
  • Included many types of enemies and zombies.
  • New and powerful guns like Ak47, MP5, heavy machine gun, and many more.
  • Added more benefits in the death match mode.
  • Enabled chat to talk to your friends while playing game.

Final words

We hope this article helps you download and install the pixel gun 3D hack mod apk on your mobile. And you can enjoy the game in your free time and make it more valuable and enjoyable. The unlimited coins and gems feature makes it even more interesting. Just download the pixel gun 3D mod apk and have fun.

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